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Should I Complete a Tax Organizer?


Yes! The tax organizer will help remind you of tax deductions that may be available to you and helps ensure that you have not left out any important information.


Some of you will fill these out down to the very last detail. Some of you will use it as a guide while you gather your tax documents. And some of you will completely disregard it and just send us every tax document you get in the mail. While we will accept your information however you choose to send it, there is a reason we send you an organizer.

What's New With You?

We don’t know everything that has happened in your lives since last tax filing season. Did you close one of your brokerage accounts and move the money somewhere else? Did you refinance your mortgage during the year? Sell stock? Have a dependent starting college? Did you have a baby? Get married? These are all important details that we need to know about to make sure your tax returns are completed accurately.

Do I Need To Fill Out Every Line Item? 

No! We actually prefer you just include copies of the original IRS forms rather than try to fill in the numbers yourself. Instead of trying to fill out every line of the organizer, think of it as the name implies - an ORGANIZER! Once you’ve gathered most of your tax documents, use it to ORGANIZE all these documents.


Basic Guidelines for Using the Organizer

  • Answer any questions in the beginning that apply to you and provide details for any marked YES. If you aren’t sure the answer, don’t worry - it’s not a test! Just leave it blank or leave us a note.

  • Make sure your address is correct and make any changes.

  • Add any dependents or remove any who are no longer dependents.

  • Include a copy of a cancelled check so that we can have any balance due/refund electronically deposited - it is MUCH quicker than doing this by paper check!

  • Review the listing of prior year financial accounts and make sure you have included Forms 1099 for all or make note of any that were closed.

  • Review listing of Federal and Maine individual income tax estimates paid and include copies of cancelled checks to prove what was paid and when.


Remember the organizer is really for YOU!  If you use it correctly, it will help to keep you from forgetting any information and that will save you time and money. We won’t have to keep asking you for more information if we have everything.

Where Can I Find My Custom Organizer?

Each organizer is customized based on your prior year tax situation. To access your ogranizer in pdf format, please login to your Smartvault account, click on the “TYXX” folder and then the “Client Organizer” folder. If there are any new situations to inform us of, we encourage you to download and complete the relevant organizer page below. 

Click here to Download an Organizer Page 


Tax Organizers

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