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2019 Standard Deduction

Standard Deduction

2019 Standard Deduction

Married filing jointly $24,400 Single taxpayers $12,200

Married individuals filing separately $12,200

Heads of households $18,350

For 2019, the additional standard deduction for the elderly and blind is increased as follows:

(1) Unmarried taxpayer: an additional $1,650 – up from $1,600 in 2018 ($3,300 for a taxpayer who is both elderly and blind); and

(2) Married taxpayer: an additional $1,300 ($2,600 for a taxpayer who is both elderly and blind). If someone can claim you as a dependent, you get a smaller standard deduction, the minimum of which is $1,100.

Since the standard deduction has doubled, fewer taxpayers may choose to itemize.

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